Ltd. Paragrafs services can be divided into five categories which are considered any translation’s companies basic services, those are:

Translation – Translation services of Ltd. Paragrafs are performed by highly educated professionals with an extensive experience. All the translators are native speakers depending on the translation combination. Each translator is used according to his\her industry specialisation also the translation can be approved by notary.

Proofreading – The process of editing and correction is widely used in translation business. Proofreading is used in order to search and correct all the possible issues that may occur during translation or localisation process. All proofreading operations are performed by highly educated professionals with an extensive experience in the industry specialisation of the text.

Localization – The process of translating a product, service etc. into different languages or adapting a product for a specific country or a region. The implementation of localisation process in Ltd. Paragrafs is executed using native translators and proofreaders in order to adapt a project to an actual country’s target market its culture and market related practice.  CAT (Computer assisted translation) tools are used in order to aide localisation, translation and proofreading services.

Transcription – The process of transcription transforms a hand written text into a print. Transcription is mostly needed for private documents such as: birth certificates, certificates of marriage, medical documents, forms, etc. Transcription also addresses the issue of an unclear handwriting by rendering it into a print of the target language.

DTP – Desktop Publishing  is used for creation of documents using page layout. This service is used to create materials for a wide range communities. It can be used to create hand out materials, such as: brochures, advertisements, journals, etc. DTP is a cheap and productive way to create materials for companies without the expense of commercial printing.