About us

Ltd. Paragrafs was established in the fall of 2011 by skilled professionals with a substantial previous experience in the translation industry. The company’s office is located in Latvia and all the staff has multinational background.  Our team consists of highly educated translators with an extensive experience, knowledge and skills. The whole experience of the team is put to a very good use in Ltd. Paragrafs all the mistakes and issues that were noticed during the work in other translation bureaus were addressed. Ltd. Paragrafs is organised and managed in a creative way in order to generate a high level of customer satisfaction. Each segment of the company has a distinct objectives and goals. In order for the company to operate on a high level all off the segments of the bureau cooperate with each other.

The reasons why to choose us for your translation projects are:

  •  Balance between price and quality
  •  Professional approach
  •  Maintenance of quality in large scale projects
  •  Unchangeable prices (translator’s price rate) for regular customers
  •  Respect for customer’s deadlines
  •  The ability to adjust to customer’s needs
  •  Our experience in the business and new ideas to enhance productivity and quality

Ltd. Paragrafs is a company that has the ability to comply to any translation demand considering the deadlines of projects.