The translation process of Ltd. Paragrafs includes two stages of development: translation, proofreading and localisation that also includes editing and correction of lexical and grammatical errors that may occur during a translation process. A project manager is also involved in the process of quality management he’s / her job is to oversee and deal with all the issues during the process. All of the translations are undergoing a three step process:

  1. A text is send to a translator;
  2. The text is translated and undergoes a proofreaders checks;
  3. During all this period a project manager overseas all this process and after all that, the project manager reviews the translation so it would perfectly fit customer’s needs.

In order to maintain consistent terminology the bureau uses CAT (Computer assisted translation) particularly Trados. Trados allows maintaining specific terminology. We also collaborate very closely with our clients in order to respect their wishes in the final translation product. Because Ltd. Paragrafs is not a big corporation we can afford to treat our clients with respect and extended services. Ltd. Paragrafs is a young translation bureau but all of the members are working in translation business for many years, we have a private approach for each of our client.